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Commercial Audits

Why do I need a commercial Audit?

So often people arrive on their first day, and are told what to do, and how to do it by a person that has been doing it that way since they arrived on their first day, and were told what to do, and how to do it, by the person who was there before them. Very rarely does middle management encourage 'Why?' behaviour.


'Why?' behaviour is simply the act of asking why.... Why do we do it like that? Why have we always done it that way? Why have we never tried something simpler/easier/faster etc...?


A Commercial Audit is YOUR chance as a company to review all your systems, processes, and strategies, to find out why you are not getting the results you wanted or expected.


Answers to questions like:


"Why does my sales team simply add X% to last year's goals, and still fail to hit the target?"


"Why do implementation and sales clash so much over dates?"


"Why are my sales teams not cross selling as much as they could?"

How the audit works for you

A Commercial Audit has one goal - to increase revenue and/or reduce costs in ways that are acceptable to the management, and the team.


At the initial meeting we agree on the areas that you want to cover.  A detailed questionnaire will be sent 10 days in advance of the first visit. This needs to be returned within 5 days, providing us sufficient time to look at the specifics for your venue.


Once the goals of the Audit are agreed, we will arrive, and ensure we bring all staff and/or board members on board with the project.


More about our Audits

Stephen Jones - Known as The Business Disruptor, has been auditing and fixing companies around the globe since the late 90's. With a career that includes running his own Venture Capital Firm in the US - where they would invest money into companies they developed, to running a Middle East advisory firm that covered Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Stephen has brought his unique international skill set to bear on UK firms that want the advisory help they need, without having to bring in a multi-million-pound consultancy firm.

Niche Audits


Stephen has been running sales teams since the mid 90's, if you are struggling to hit targets, getting a lot of turnover on clients, and feel you should be selling more to your existing clients - why not book a Specific Sales Orientated Audit?


Do you experience a high turnover of staff? Finding the right people is hard enough, but having them leave within months is frustrating, time consuming, and a massive cost issue for many companies.  Talk to us today about a Staffing Focussed Audit, so we can focus on the background issues at play.


If I could only list how many companies are doing well in terms of sales, but simply not making the net profit they need to grow or succeed. Our profitability audit focuses on costs, pricing, gross and net profits, to work out where things are going wrong, so that a plan can be created to fix the issues


After all your advertising, marketing, sales, and delivery - are things still going wrong? Are you getting a lot of customers who are upset at what they received, or when they received it? Our After Sales Focussed Audit focuses on the area of post sales implementation, helping you look for where things are going wrong, and how they can be addressed.

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