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Rental Madness...!

We have no available rental properties to market! If you are looking to rent in Chepstow right now there are 9 available - 5 of which are over £1,000 a month, one of which is still being built! We have calls and emails daily being asked to put people on our waiting list - we don't have a waiting list, because if you bring us a property this morning, we will have 5 application within the first hour, we don't reference check more than 5 applicants, as it costs the landlord money each time! Zoopla recently dropped this article on rentals, and rental prices: All we ask is that if you have a rental property, and the tenancy is almost up - even if it is a renewal... give us a call, we are in the middle of developing a new program for landlords that should really shake things up!

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