Notaries provide a separate and distinct legal service in England and Wales from those of solicitors.   We are regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Practice Rules issued from the Faculty Office from time to time.   Notaries qualification requirements are usually achieved through a combination of a law degree and, since 2005, a Post Graduate Diploma in Notarial Practice, awarded by the University of Cambridge.  

Jane Propert is the only notary in Monmouthshire and her work concerns the attestation, authentification or verification of documents, facts or events in circumstances which involve a foreign legal element. The form of certificate, authentication or other document or instrument prepared by a Notary is known as his “notarial act”, and may be, according to its nature and effect, either a public act or a private act.   We keep records for all notarial acts, Public acts have to be preserved for ever.

The qualification and, therefore, presence of the Notary's signature and unique official seal, will render the document in question, or the facts or circumstances attested by him as acceptable proof for the purposes of the judicial or other public authorities in the foreign country in which they are to be used.    We, therefore, have a high standard of duty to protect against the risk of inaccuracy, error, interference, forgery, dishonesty, money laundering and fraud.  This may mean we have to ask you provide with extensive documentation or ask third parties to clarify facts. 

Jane Propert offers the following services:

  • authenticating the execution of documents, their truth accuracy/reliability  either in public or private documents;
  • authenticating personal identity;
  • powers of attorney (or their equivalent) for use in foreign jurisdictions;
  • testate and intestate succession to property abroad;
  • commercial agreements and deeds to take effect in foreign countries;
  • certifying corporate records and resolutions of UK companies;
  • taking evidence from witnesses in England for use in foreign courts
  • affidavits, oaths and affirmations for use in foreign jurisdictions;
  • noting and protesting bills of exchange
  • immigration formalities
  • preparing notices of protest following damage to ships or cargoes at sea
  • legalisation of acts at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, foreign embassies and consulates.

What you need to know?

  1. We ask that all clients contact us as early as possible so we avoid unnecessary delays.  Please provide in advance a copy of the document(s) requiring notarisation, together with any correspondence or advice/requirement specified by third parties/foreign lawyer.
  2. Please advise us which country is going to receive the notarised document so that we can provide information on the requirements of the receiving country.     Some countries require further authentication by way of legalisation, which is the fixing of an apostille by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the document. 
  3. Documents in a foreign language will need to be translated.  We can deal with this, if required.
  4. Some documents, such a qualification certificates, will need to be verified by the issuing body.  Please allow sufficient time for us to write to the relevant body.
  5. An appointment will be arranged once we have received full instructions and are able to draft the necessary certificate.   We cannot see people without an appointment.
  6. We always need to see all persons party to the documents being notarised.  Do not sign any document in advance of our meeting, thinking it will save time.
  7. You will need to bring with you to our meeting, your original document to be notarised and the appropriate means of identification.  A current valid passport and a recent utility bill for individuals.  In addition to this we usually make searches at Companies House for Company documents.
  8. Our responsibility extends only to the notarial formalities themselves. No advice will be given, nor responsibility accepted, for the effect of any documents. Where required, you will need to obtain separate advice on these aspects from your foreign lawyer.
  9. Our notarial services are provided subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business. 

Please Get in touch to find out how  Jane can help you.