J K Rowling's Childhood Home for Sale [28/02/2012]

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J K Rowling’s Childhood Home for Sale

JKThe childhood home of the creator of Harry Potter is up for sale.  Church Cottage, in the village of Tutshill near Chepstow is where the teenage J.K.Rowling grew up and may have drawn her inspiration for her world famous Harry Potter Series. 

Mr Mercer, current owners of Church Cottage said “we had not realised how significant our home was when we purchased it as J.K.Rowling did not publish her first book until 2 years later”     “ It was upon re decoration that we discovered the name on the windowsill.  We have redecorated around the inscription ever since”  

The village of Tutshill draws interest following J.K Rowling’s decision to name one of her quidditch teams ‘The Tutshill Tournadoes’. 

There have been many tales of the local characters who inspired J K Rowling, such her former chemistry teacher who is thought to have been the inspiration for Professor Snape.

Mr Mercer said “ You can see how J. K Rowling could have been inspired by the gothic architecture which is very Hogwarts-like”   “It is a truly lovely cottage, with hidden scary parts, it is just like living in a Harry Potter story with its dusty cupboard under the stairs and trapdoor”  

“Harry Potter was forced to live in a dusty dingy cupboard under the stairs.  If you ever visit our cupboard under the stairs you can just imagine being Harry”    The trap door in the dining room leads to the damp cellar “ It is quite scary, just like in the books”

Properts, the selling agents have said “we are so pleased to be selling a property which is thought to have inspired the writing of such wonderful books that have enthused a generation”  “We hope the new owners feel the magic every time they open the front door.”

Church Cottage was built around 1852 by the Gothic Revivalist architect, Henry Woodyer.  It retains many of its original Gothic features and the trapdoor which leads to the cellar with its distinctive brick-vaulted ceiling; now as a disused rainwater reservoir.

Whoever decides to buy this house will live in the footsteps one of todays most well known modern writers.   With the original mullioned stone windows and intricate wrought-iron rainwater goods, the house could have been taken straight from a film set. 

The childhood bedroom, with the inscription” Joanne Rowlings Slept here circa 1982” .  The wonder continues outside with the cottage garden, including a herb patch like that seen in Professor Sprout’s Herbology lessons. The property has a view of the church from the garden where J K Rowling may have played fantasy games of wizards and witches with her sister.

All enquiries through the sale agents, Properts Solicitor Estate Agents and Notaries, Albion Chambers, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 5DA 01291 627268 © copy  and photos Properts