It’s good to be different and we certainly are…we believe in “Client Care for Clients who Care”

It’s about keeping your investment in safe hands. We have the knowledge to ensure we achieve the best rent for your property.  It’s about matching the right tenant for your property and ensuring they are the right tenant for you.

We have the unique ability as solicitor letting agents for our Lettings Team and Legal Team work together to oversee the letting of your property.

We help you through the whole process from qualifying your tenants status through to the day they move in, ensuring all checks and procedures are carried out. 

Our experienced lettings team use their extensive knowledge to ensure your house is let professionally and provide your tenants with an excellent service. We understand that you have invested in your property and we work with our landlords to help them keep their investment secure. 

*Tennts Information*

Agency & Referecing Fees - £150 plus VAT fortefirs teannt = £180.00

                                              Plus £50 plus VAT for any additional tenanats.

                                              £50 plus VAT for aguarantor.

£50 plus VAT for a tenancy renewal.